SL900-Collector manual (legacy)

SL900-Collector manual (legacy)

To setup the SL900-Collector, one must first create an account on Bindelo Central.  Once the account is created one can customize settings as well as create custom events and reports.  If already have an account, please continue the next step of the process.

In a web browser go to:

Click the “Create Account” button and fill in all the necessary information on the form to create the account.

Depending the mobile device one can download the app either from the Google Play or Apple App Store

For the newer model please use the ” Configure and add a WiFi device using the Bindelo app” procedure.

The first thing one must do before power on this device is to plug the antenna, not doing it may permanently damage the device.
Once the antenna is properly connected proceed to turn on the Collector by connecting the power AC/DC adaptor.
The Collector will take about one minute to boot. Just after been powered up, the LED will turn on solid for about 40 seconds. After it will turn off for about 10 seconds and finally it will blink.

Status LED patterns:
1=ON, 0=OFF.
0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 Blinking 4 times and off: No internet access, probably the Wi-Fi isn’t set or ethernet is disconnected.
1 0 1 0 Blinking continuously: Setup mode, ready to receive Wi-Fi configuration from the app.
0 0 0 0 1 4 seconds off then blinks ones: Normal mode with internet access.

There are two ways to connect the Collector to internet: Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
To Connect the Collector by Ethernet just plug a network cable to the port.
If Wi-Fi is preferred to connect the Collector to Internet please download the app from Google Play or iTunes. Search for Bindelo.

To set the Collector in Setup mode press 6 times the Bind button in less than 5 seconds then then blinking pattern should change. Once the Collector is in setup mode one can use the app to send the parameter for the Wi-fi network and also the app will help to connect the Collector to the Bindelo account.


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