Weather in your favor for better fishing

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Weather in your favor for better fishing

It has been known for a long time that the barometric pressure has an effect on fishing. How the pressure directly effects the fish is still not fully understood, but knowing how to use the barometric pressure readings can greatly increase your chances of catching fish. 

A fish senses pressure changes through its air bladder, and well in advance of humans. fish that have small air bladders, such as kings, Spanish mackerel, wahoo and dolphin, aren’t as affected by barometric changes as those with large bladders, such as trout, redfish, tarpon, grouper and snapper.

That’s because fish with small bladders have a body density that’s closer to that of the surrounding water. They don’t sense the pressure changes as dramatically, so their comfort levels aren’t drastically altered. However, many things they eat have air bladders, and that alone could have a big impact on where you might find them and how they’ll behave.

Fish with large bladders quickly sense when the air pressure is dropping, because there’s less pressure on their bladder. And when there’s less pressure squeezing their bladders, the bladders expand a bit. When their bladders expand, fish become uncomfortable. They relieve their discomfort by moving lower in the water column or by absorbing extra gas in their bladders.

Because of the anatomical and physiological stresses exerted on them, they’re not worried about eating. They’re more concerned with trying to find a depth where they can stabilize their bladder pressure and feel good. Some species will settle to the bottom and ride out the change near structure. Fortunately for the fish – and fishermen – low pressure doesn’t usually last long.

As an example of the change of behavior depending on the pressure change: the striped bass go on a wild feed right before the barometer begins to drop, the fish sense that a change in weather is about to occur and feed heavily right before the front.

There are numerous factors that influence fish behavior, and any one of them can make the difference between success and failure. The best strategy, of course, is to plan your fishing days around the peak conditions for your particular area and the local species.

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