What can be measured can be improved.

Bindelo is a complete solution that helps you capture reliable measurements of physical variables with the use of the Bindelo Sensors.

Measure, analyze, improve.

Bindelo is an advanced sensor specialized company that provides technological solutions for the measurement of physical variables. Bindelo sells a variety of well-proven products for the accurate reading of physical variation. Examples include temperature, humidity, air quality, liquid conductivity, and other physical parameters for proper home and business productivity.

For greater efficiency, Bindelo sensors provide real-time reports on every variation measured and make them available in an easy-to-understand format.

This real-time data is sent over the internet to the Bindelo Central. There the data is transformed into intuitive easy to use information that can be shared with your team. Within the Bindelo Central users set up notifications, reports and events that can be used to control and make the most of your world.

Sensor Devices

Data Collector

Bindelo Central


All-in-one Solution


Bindelo provide users with complete data readings of all kinds of physical parameters and accurate data reports for productivity. We provide unlimited solutions for every of your parameter readings, providing you with stress-free and accurate information.



From a single device for a single user to thousands of devices for a corporate multi-user application, Bindelo offers a variety of well-proven measurement technology devices that provide the user with accurate data that reach efficient and specific needs.

Powerful Tool

Is not all about devices, is the information that you can get from your devices what makes Bindelo a powerful tool.

Cross Platform

Bindelo has a broad accessibility feature that allows you take control of your data from any location and any device. Its information is available on smart phones, tablets, computers, and any smart devices. Have up-to-date information with you wherever you go.


Bindelo high accessibility feature allows you to share data access with team members, giving them entry into your Bindelo accounts for data readings, all based on your ultimate approval.


Bindelo sensors are designed with the end user in mind. Devices are simple to use, simple to access, and simple to navigate, allowing users to easily understand the readings made by each sensor measurement device.

Bindelo gathers the information that is important to you.

Some of the the variables that Bindelo Sensors can measure are

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