Take All the Measures

Ensure The Best Conditon for your Products

Bindelo is a complete solution that helps you capture reliable measurements of physical variables with the use of the Bindelo Sensors.

The readings of the sensors are sent directly to the Bindelo Central and transformed into useful information. That information can be used to improve your life, the well-being of your products and the productivity of your business.

Sensor Devices

Data Collector

Bindelo Central


Complete solution

Bindelo is a complete system that give to the users all the tools they need from the sensors to the data application to create reports, events, and device manager.


From a single device for a single user to thousands of devices for a corporate multi-user application, Bindelo can provide every user with the information and the devices for their specific needs.

Powerful Tool

Is not all about devices, is the information that you can get from your devices what makes Bindelo a powerful tool.

Cross Platform

Bindelo can be reached from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. So wherever you go, your system follow.


You can give access to your work team to your Bindelo account and every member of your team can generate their own custom reports and events.


We want you to focus on the information not on the system so Bindelo is created to be user friendly and intuitive. Bindelo can assist you from the very beginning of the process, so all you need to know to start is your need.

Where ever you go

Bindelo can be with you

This real-time data is sent over the internet to the Bindelo Central. There the data is transformed into intuitive easy to use information that can be shared with your team. Within the Bindelo Central users set up notifications, reports and events that can be used to control and make the most of your world.

Bindelo gathers the information that is important to you.

Some of the the variables that Bindelo Sensors can measure are

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